Using iTunes to Reset an iPhone

Using iTunes to Reset an iPhone

The iTunes service provides an easy way to factory reset and restore your phone. You can back up your data to iCloud or to another device.

Resetting Your Apple iPhone

Some of the most common requests for iPhone repair in Las Vegas have to do with sluggish performance rather than a hardware issue. Many software-related performance issues are correctable with a factory reset. In addition, knowing how to reset your phone is useful because you should do it in advance of selling your phone, trading it in or sending or bringing it in for repair.

Factory Reset of an iPhone Erases Everything

When you factory reset an iPhone through iTunes or another method, the process erases everything. Even if you plan to sell the phone or trade it in, backing up your data beforehand is a good idea because you can use it to restore that particular iPhone or even another Apple device. You can back up to the iCloud service provided by iTunes, a different cloud, or another device, such as an external hard drive connected to a PC running the iTunes software.

Resetting an iPhone using iTunes

Click the iTunes menu, and then click “Check for Updates…” This step will ensure that your phone has the latest iTunes software installed. You can now back your data up to iCloud or to an iTunes-supported device. Once the backup process finalizes, click the “Restore iPhone” button in the Summary tab. If prompted, click “Agree.” Note that this process may take several minutes or more depending on the model and amount of data present.

Ensuring the Reset and Restoring

Once the process is complete, restart the phone. On load, it should present you with the iOS Setup Assistant, which means that the device is factory reset. If the assistant doesn’t show, the reset failed. If you’d like to restore the phone now or once you get it back, go the Summary tab and click “Restore Backup…” It may take a few minutes for all of your settings and data to be restored.

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