The Best Cases You Can Make In Order to Protect Your Samsung Tablet

The Best Cases You Can Make In Order to Protect Your Samsung Tablet

Learn how to create a handmade case for your tablet. By using fabric and other supplies, you can make a protective environment for taking your device with you all over town.

Three DIY Ideas for Protective Handmade Tablet Cases

It happens to most people, as one accidental drop to the floor and the screen or even the hard drive of a tablet becomes damaged and is in need of a service for a Samsung tablet repair in Las Vegas. Once the tablet is up and running again, you’ll want to prevent such an accident from happening again. Instead of buying a boring ready-made case that looks the same as the case everybody else has, you could make one yourself. These three ideas will get you started on ways to create a protective case out of fabric or yarn for your Samsung tablet.

Felted Case

Buy some 100 percent pure wool that is not super-wash wool. Knit or crochet two rectangles that are 50 percent bigger than the size of the tablet. So, if your tablet measures 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide, make your knitted squares 12 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Pop the rectangles into the washing machine and wash in hot water along with your other laundry. Then, put the rectangles into the dryer. You may need to block the rectangles to get them into their original rectangular shape. Use embroidery thread to whip stitch three of the sides together. If you prefer, you could make one of the rectangles larger so you’d have a flap to fold over the open end. If you do this, you can secure it with a sewn-on snap or button.

Quilted Case

Use your sewing machine to create a quilted protective case for the tablet. Make the case with a 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sizes. Sew in a zipper to keep the tablet inside while you’re walking.

Upcycled Case

Take an old sweater or sweatshirt and cut out two rectangles with a 1-inch seam allowance. Turn the rectangles inside out and sew them together with a sewing machine. Add a zipper closure to keep the tablet safe.

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