Smartphone Accessory Technology

Smartphone Accessory Technology

Professional engineers and amateur tech fans are continually creating devices designed to enhance or simplify our lives. Many of the latest technological devices becoming available make use of smartphone and other mobile gadgets.

The Latest Mobile Device Enhancements

Whether looking for the latest smartphone accessory or are merely a fan of tech toys, there are a few gadgets worth evaluating. Instead of trading in your old phone for an ungraded model having more bells and whistles, consider taking it to a phone repair Las Vegas company and coupling the device with one of the latest tech toys.

Wireless Charging

Charging phones or other mobile devices by plug-in can be an inconvenience. When a household has multiple devices, the jungle of chargers and cords strewn around the interior becomes a hassle. Ikea recently introduced a wireless means of eliminating the eyesore and the clutter. The company created a selection of items that contain wireless charging spots, which include mouse-like pads, lamp bases and simple bedside tables. Each charging area features a large plus sign. Charging a phone or other devices merely entails placing the item on the plus sign, and the wireless charger does the rest.

Portable Mobile Device Projector

Beam Labs created a unique device that is not much larger than a light bulb. In fact, the Beam projector plugs into any light socket or receives power via a specially designed extension cord that connects the beam with a typical plug-in outlet. The device functions either as a powerful LED light bulb or as a portable projector capable of displaying 854 x480 resolution images. The Beam contains an android computer with a 1.3 Ghz dual core processor, 8 GB of storage and two 2 watt speakers. The unit also conveniently connects with a mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to view photos, stream movies or other media content.

Smartphone to Instamatic Camera

Prynt developed a device that resembles a smartphone case to convert various models of smartphones into instamatic cameras. Users simply slide the smartphone into the device, select or take a photo and push a button. Prynt then creates a full-color hard copy of the image. Each film case comes with pre-inked papers that do the work. The device can also embed a video onto the image that plays when scanned by a mobile device. An internal battery recharges via a USB cable.

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