Repairing or Replacing a Smartphone

Repairing or Replacing a Smartphone

While the industry at large may prefer users to trade in their phones as soon as there’s trouble, consumers can stretch their phone budget further with repair and maintenance.

Repair vs. Replacement to Reduce a Smartphone Budget

The telecommunication industry and the electronics manufacturers that support it want you to turn in your phone as soon as a new model releases or there’s the slightest problem with your current phone. After all, it’s money in their pocket. In addition to selling you a new phone and likely extending your contract, they repair the phone you traded in for pennies and sell it for a significant profit.

Make Your Current Phone Work Harder

Each year, new iPhone and Galaxy Tab models wow us with clever new features, but truth be told, those are often features that most of us won’t use. In fact, most people take months just to learn their way around a new phone, and each iteration brings with it enough changes to start over again. While that new feature may seem neat, the truth is that most people will be more productive by sticking with their current phones and only traded them in when they actually start to become outmoded.

Repairing a Phone Is Easier than You Think

Phone repair in Henderson and throughout the surrounding areas is probably easier and less expensive than you expect. Phones can be dropped off at a repair shop and often picked back up the very same day. Alternately, the phone can be shipped to the repair service, repaired and then shipped back to you within a few days. This process is no more expensive and actually saves you the hassle of bringing the phone in. There are even options for having access to your current phone number so that you don’t miss any important calls.

All Kinds of Phone Repairs

Phone repair services can fix Apple iPhones, Samsung phones and all manner of other Android- and Windows-based cell phones. Common fixes include scratch repair and LCD replacement, but skilled technicians can overcome charging and Wi-Fi issues and even restore water-damaged devices.

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