Recovering a Water-Damaged Samsung Phone

Recovering a Water-Damaged Samsung Phone

Most smartphones are water-resistant at best and become inoperable after being submerged. Samsung phones are hardy, however, and most can be dried and fully recovered.

A Water-Damaged Samsung Phone Is Not the End

Samsung manufacturers some of the most water-resistant and waterproof smartphones on the market. Nevertheless, these phones usually can’t withstand being fully submerged. Fortunately, there’s Samsung repair in Las Vegas available that can often dry and recover a submerged phone.

The Ingress Protection Scale

Most smartphones and other consumer electronics have an IP rating. The higher that rating is, the more able the device is to withstand dust and water. IP rating can be enhanced by putting a phone in a case. Samsung phones often have a high IP, high enough to be categorized as waterproof technically. However, in everyday terms, they’re not actually waterproof, and you don’t want to submerge them.

How Phones Become Water-Damaged

Water-damaged smartphones are a common occurrence. Perhaps the most common way it occurs is that a person leaves a phone in a pocket and then puts that article of clothes in a washing machine. Phones are often dropped into swimming pools, and sometimes, a puddle on the side of a road can be deep enough to have the same effect as a swimming pool if you drop it.

What to Do in the Event Your Phone Is Submerged

In the event your Samsung phone is submerged, don’t try to use it. This can make matters worse. If the phone is already on, turn it off. You should do whatever possible to dry the phone without opening it. Submerging the phone in a bucket of rice can make a big difference. The next step should be to take it to a professional repair service.

Professional Samsung Repair

A smartphone technician will open the device and complete the drying process if necessary. He or she will then dissemble the phone and inspect and test all of the components. Parts can be replaced if necessary, and then the phone will be reassembled and tested for proper operation. While such a service is available directly through Samsung, it can be a slow process and a much more expensive one.

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