Protecting a Samsung Screen

Protecting a Samsung Screen

The screen is arguably the most important aspect of any Samsung advice, and there are steps users can take to ensure that it remains in pristine condition.

Shielding the Screen of Your Samsung Tablet or Smartphone

Many of the gadget users who require Samsung repair in Las Vegas need it because of a cracked screen or damaged LCD. The good news is that most of that damage is avoidable through a few simple measures.

Shield the Screen

Scratches are the most common type of damage that happens to a smartphone or tablet, and screen protectors are inexpensive accessories that can protect all scratches that occur through regular usage. The most common reason that people don’t use a protector is that they don’t like the thickness or the reduced sensitivity that it creates. This will vary from one user to the next, but even if you fall into this group, be aware that there are protectors available that are thinner than paper.

Cover the Device Even If You Don’t Like Cases and Covers

Major scratches and cracks usually occur because the device was dropped, and some people simply don’t like covers and cases because they alter the original form of the device. For smartphones, however, there are many impact-resistant covers that are quite thin, light, and even shaped in the appropriate form. For tablets, there are slip-on slip-off covers that you can use when carrying the device or traveling but are easily removed when in use.

Good Usage Habits

Finally, be thoughtful about the way you use your device. If possible, sit at your desk or on a couch when using it. If you have to use it while standing or walk around with it, then hold it with two hands. For smartphones, consider using a case that can attach to a lanyard.

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