Most Damaged and Non-Functional Mobile Phones are Repairable

Most Damaged and Non-Functional Mobile Phones are Repairable

Many people discard or trade in their mobile phones and other gadgets prematurely. Professional gadget repair can extend phone lifespan and maximize trade-in value.

Don’t Throw Away that Mobile Phone. Fix It.

Many mobile phone users are resigned to a two-year trade-up cycle, and many of us have a similar mindset when faced with a broken or non-functional smartphone. What many people don’t realize is that when they trade in that damaged phone, the vendor usually repairs it and then makes a big profit.

Most Damaged Phones are Fixable

If you have a cell phone that’s damaged or suddenly stopped operating as expected, don’t assume that it’s beyond repair. Contact a service that provides professional mobile phone repair Las Vegas and get their expert opinion. Even LCD screen and full case replacements are rather simple procedures by today’s standards. Even if your phone has shattered after being a dropped a long distance, internal pieces may still be in good shape, and those parts are often the most valuable.

Software Problems are Often Simple to Overcome

You may be surprised at how many mobile phones are traded in based on software issues, such as a phone that’s become too sluggish to use or stuck in a boot cycle. Often, these phones can be factory reset or even updated to the latest and greatest mobile operating system.

Extend Mobile Phone Lifespan

Service providers want you on a two-year cycle because it lets them lock you into their service and up the premium on a new gadget while increasing their profit margin by selling or leasing the device you just turned in. The average consumer can go five years or longer with the same phone, and using an independent professional service is the best way to ensure that your phone remains in good condition.

Repair and Then Trade In

Even if you’re a gadget lover who prefers the latest and greatest, don’t trade that phone in broken. Repair costs are relatively small compared to trade in values, and repairing your phone can often increase your trade-in margin enough to cover the cost of the repair.

gadgetexpertsMost Damaged and Non-Functional Mobile Phones are Repairable