Life-Saving Cellphone Apps for You and Yours

Life-Saving Cellphone Apps for You and Yours

Cellphone technology is now finding its way into medical situations, with life-saving apps providing help for those who need it when they need it.

Your Cellphone Could Save Your Life

Cellphones are everywhere these days, and most of us would be lost without them. Though you probably don’t want to live without your phone, you probably could if you had to. Or could you? With some of the apps available today, your cellphone could literally save your life. So if your phone is broken or damaged, use this new incentive to seek out cellphone repair in Las Vegas or wherever you happen to be and then install these life-saving apps as soon as you can.

Medical ID

This app allows users to input important medical information, such as allergies or chronic illnesses in their phone. If you are ever in an accident or found unconscious, those who treat you will be able to glean important health data directly from your cellphone. This could save your life if you ever require emergency medical treatment but are unable to speak for yourself. Think of it as a modern and more detailed version of medic alert bracelets.


Bugle is an app perfect for those who enjoy the many outdoor opportunities Las Vegas has to offer. With Bugle, you can leave your cellphone behind when you go. Before you leave, set a timer that tells the app when you will be back from your outing and then select one or two emergency contacts. If you don’t return to turn off the timer, Bugle will notify the emergency contacts you set that you are missing and let them know where you went so they can find you.

Visit Your App Store

Whether you have an Android, Windows or Apple phone, life-saving apps exist for your system. One for Apple, called Find My iPhone, allows you to track the whereabouts of your phone, making it perfect for parents who want keep eyes on their children or those who need to track older adults who may wander off. Peruse your phone’s app store and select the life-savers you think would work best for you. Then be sure to keep your phone in working order so you can access them whenever you need to.

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