How to Travel Safely and Affordably With a Smartphone

How to Travel Safely and Affordably With a Smartphone

Traveling with a smartphone can be expensive and leave you worrying about phone loss or damage. Here are some ways to minimize the risks.

Traveling Smart With Your Smartphone

The phone itself may be quite expensive, so you want to make sure it doesn’t get lost. On top of that, there are many fees cell phone carriers charge for traveling outside your home area. Here are some tips for traveling as safely and as cheaply as possible while still getting the most benefit from your smartphone.

Keep Costs Down

Check your cell phone plan thoroughly before your trip to make sure you understand any roaming charges or other fees you may be faced with while away from home. If your phone will charge you for roaming, make arrangements with friends and family before leaving to try and limit contact to text messages. Download any apps that might be helpful before you leave as well, such as those that check flight times or provide information about attractions at your destination. Downloading these apps first and turning your data off while traveling will save money. Make sure you include some games and apps to keep yourself and the kids entertained during any downtime.

Be Safe

Smartphones are expensive, which makes them an attractive target for thieves. Be aware of your surroundings when traveling and be wary of pickpockets, especially if you have a large phone that can easily be seen poking out of your pocket. Pack a charger in your suitcase and one in your carry on if flying so that you know your phone will be charged and ready if you do need it in case of an emergency. Download an app that is capable of tracking misplaced or stolen phones before your trip. If your phone gets damaged, take it to a local repair shop so you can still use it on your trip. Smartphones are ubiquitous, so you should be able to find phone repair from Las Vegas to New York City and beyond.

Enjoy Your Time Away

Perhaps the best way to travel with your smartphone is to keep it tucked away as much as possible. Though phone technology is truly amazing, it can keep us overly attached to our work and email. Remember to put your phone away and enjoy your vacation, wherever your travels take you.

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