How to Get Sticky Gunk and Dust Balls Off of Your Laptop Keyboard

How to Get Sticky Gunk and Dust Balls Off of Your Laptop Keyboard

Everyday use of a laptop results in buildup of dust and sticky residues that impact the performance of the keyboard and screen. Owners can learn how to get the gunk out and enjoy a cleaner computer.

Three Great Products to Clean Gunk Out of Your Laptop

Your laptop may come along with you all over town or even across the country. Over time, dust from the air, sticky stuff from your fingers, fur from your cat and all sorts of other gunk can get into the keyboard and onto the screen. Using the wrong techniques and products may result in a broken computer, necessitating a visit to a center for laptop repair in Las Vegas. These three products may help you avoid a ruined computer.

Screen Cleaner

Commercially prepared laptop and computer monitor screen cleaners can be used to get smudges and smears off your laptop’s screen. This product is not the same as glass cleaners. In fact, glass cleaners may strip away the special coatings or cause scratches on the plastic surface and should never be used on a laptop screen. Follow the directions on the screen cleaner package to clean your screen and make it sparkle.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol, can be diluted 1 to 1 with water to create a general cleaner for the surfaces of a laptop. Before putting this on, take out the computer’s battery, any disks, cords and thumb drives. Dip a lint free cloth into the diluted rubbing alcohol, wring out the cloth and gently wipe the sides and touchpad of the laptop.

Compressed Air

Canned or compressed air is the fastest and easiest way to get dust bunnies out from under the laptop’s keys and mouse buttons. Following the directions on the can, aim the nozzle at problem areas such as keys that are sticking. Next, use the compressed air to clean out the ports along the edges of the laptop, such as the USB ports.

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