Fixing a Cellphone or Tablet

Fixing a Cellphone or Tablet

iOS glitches and connectivity issues are some of the most common iPhone problems. There are a few simple tricks that can quickly solve these annoyances.

Simple iPhone Fixes that Save Time and Money

Like most electronic devices, your iPhone may serve as an object of frustration when glitches occur. Fortunately, many times the problems are corrected quickly without enlisting the aid of an iPhone repair Las Vegas tech service.

Slow Phone Syndrome

The telltale signs of this problem include apps that take too much time to open or when the screen lags. In the majority of cases, the problem involves overloaded storage. The solution is relatively easy. Go to settings, general then usage. Here the screen displays everything using space and the amount of much space occupied. This information serves as a real eye opener. Users often let these items accumulate. Start cleaning house, save the ones you absolutely must keep and delete the rest. You also might consider limiting storage to the most recent casts and remove these on a routine basis. An fully-loaded photo album is another common problem. Why not transfer as many pics as possible to your PC or tablet? Games are other items that notoriously require a lot of space. When done playing a game, remove the app by going back to the home screen and press the icon for a few seconds. When a window then appears asking if you want to delete the game, merely press “yes.”

Connectivity Issues

Sometime wireless services seem to be unavailable. The Wi-Fi will not connect, or the phone indicates that the signal is weak though your location may have shown ample signal reception in previous times. There are two ways to handle this dilemma. First try turning on airplane mode for about 30 seconds. Just tap the airplane button to turn the function on. Tap the icon again to switch the mode off. If the phone continues having difficulty making a wireless connection, go to settings, general then reset. Tap reset network settings. Unfortunately, you will have to once again enter your Wi-Fi password before having connection ability.

Phone Freeze

Occasionally, the entire operating system may freeze-up. The screen does not move and tapping the icons or pushing the buttons is futile. The quick fix entails an action that someone dubbed the “iPhone Vulcan Nerve Pinch.” Push the home button and the sleep button at the same time. The phone should then automatically reset. The screen initially goes black. However, the Apple icon soon appears. In about one minute, the home screen should reappear and function normally.

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