Best iPad Apps when You're Waiting

Best iPad Apps when You’re Waiting

One of the best parts about living in this day and age is the amount of technology you hold at your fingertips. Not too long ago, when you had to wait, you could either bring a book or stare at the wall, but not anymore.

The Best iPad Apps for Waiting

There are few things scarier than having to wait somewhere, but your tablet isn’t working. This is because smartphone and tablets have become the best way to exterminate boredom. If you’re tablet isn’t working, you can easily find an iPad 4 repair Las Vegas to get it working as good as new.

Catch up on Your Favorite Shows

The Hulu app can help you binge watch your favorite shows and catch up on the season while you wait. It does come with a monthly subscription cost, but it’s worth it. Hulu posts the newest episodes of network shows the morning after they air on TV. Not only can you watch the most recent episodes, but they also archive most of the episodes from the beginning of the season. Hulu has other TV shows that you can watch multiple seasons of, and you can watch movies as well.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

If you’re a gamer, you’ve most likely heard of the Final Fantasy series. If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, then you’re probably already in love. In 2015, Square Enix released the very first Final Fantasy game app, Final Fantasy Record Keeper (FFRK). In this game, you must help save the records of the Final Fantasy world from a mysterious force. As you travel through the different stages, you’re able to create a party with some of your favorite characters from previous Final Fantasy games.


Spotify is the perfect app for anyone who loves music. Through this app, you can find all of your favorite artists and songs to create your own customized playlists. The app also allows you to use a randomized radio function based on your taste in music like Pandora. One of the features that separates Spotify from the other music apps is that it serves as a social network as well. You can add and follow friends as well as send each other music through the app.

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