Anti-Malware Protection is a Necessity

Anti-Malware Protection is a Necessity

Malware is a very real threat to mobile device users. However, reputable companies offer inexpensive solutions.

Malware Dangers for Mobile Devices

Most mobile device users spend time on the Internet. Checking emails, updating social network sites, downloading or streaming media are all common activities. Whether using a smartphone or a tablet, mobile devices may become infected when linked with a PC or laptop, via a USB storage device or when downloading a third-party application.

Mobile Device Attacks on the Rise

Reports at the end of 2014 indicated that more than 16 million mobile devices fell victim to unwanted malware infections. The term malware refers to software that carries malicious intent and includes adware, spyware, trojans, viruses and worms. The majority of malware applications are designed to financially benefit the hacker by stealing personal information. Spyware invades privacy and acquires information during any action performed online. However, viruses can render a device useless.

Top 5 Types of Malware

• Ransomware-The malware holds mobile devices hostage by locking down the phone or tablet until the owner pays the hacker a specific amount of money. In the U.S., the app claims to be the F.B.I. and insists on receiving fine payments in lieu of finding evidence of porn activity.

• Unwanted app installations-The attack occurs when users visit certain websites. Mistakenly clicking a malicious link enables hackers to install any number of applications. Android phones are particularly susceptible.

• PowerOffHijack-The malware mainly affects android users. Though a mobile device has been seemingly turned off, the application keeps the device functional and enables hackers full use of the phone.

• Dormant Malware-These hidden applications are concealed within other applications that might include playing a simple game, taking a quiz or downloading certain applications. Once installed, the applications might initiate pop-ups, take users to unwanted webpages, claim device malfunctions or download unwanted apps.

• Hijacking apps-These processes are attached to legitimate applications and install themselves when a mobile user downloads a wanted application.

Get Protection

Protect your device. You can safeguard your phone or tablet by using some type of anti-spyware or anti-virus application. Many of the top notch companies that offer PC protection also feature apps, which come equipped to detect and protect your device. Additionally, programs have privacy and anti-theft features. Many companies offer no-cost and minimal fee downloads. When suspecting that a device has an infection, tech specialists offer mobile phone repair in Las Vegas.

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